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Every Child Is My Child Christmas event

The Christmas event of Every Child is My Child was held in Rome on Sunday 17 December 2023 at the Palladium Theatre.

Many friends and generous donors came to be together and to watch Anna Foglietta and Francesco Mariozzi's performance "Una Guerra" (A War), written by Michele Santeramo, in an evening full of emotions for a story that does not cut any corners and reminds us of the very hard choices that people are forced to make when trying to escape the inhumanity of conflict and violence, embarking on a desperate journey, in this case putting themselves at the mercy of a sea that knows no mercy.

To save her two sons from the war in her country, a woman decides to leave.
The Mediterranean awaits her, but at sea she will have to make a decision that will mark her life and that of her family. In the text it is a mother who speaks; a mother who lost her husband in the war but did not stop. She has emerged from tragedy with extraordinary strength, fleeing a shattered country with her two children in search of a chance in an unknown place.

The characters do not have first and last names, nor a precise age. But it is even the sea that becomes a character, a Neptune who loses all human feeling through the woman's words, tensions and thrills. And so time and space take on universal meanings that guide some reflections on life and the trials it places on human beings. A story from the Decameron, updated to the present time, to try to heal our private afflictions, our needs, our doubts.
It is a story of malaise, of becoming aware of that malaise, of one's own personal 'plague', through which the characters make their own journey, convinced that each story can be a beacon and represent a healing. The intent of Michele Santeramo's dramaturgical adaptation is clear: to give us a portrait of our country through the voices of those who come from other parts of the world, in search of a world in which to live.

A universal message symbolising the many lives struggling to exist and find a moment of peace and sharing, like the many Syrian migrants and their children escaping the devastation of a forgotten country, whom we met in Reyhanli in Turkey with the Plaster School project, or like the Latina friends of La Fair Play wholeheartedly pursuing a path of sport, unity and integration.

Anna Foglietta vibrates in every passage, blending with the original music by multifaceted cellist, musician and composer Francesco Mariozzi.

With emotion, our President thus greeted a convinced and moved hall:
"Giving a chance to children with severe physical and mental, social and economic disabilities is the beautiful mission of Every Child," says Anna Foglietta. "We take this show on tour finding in the eyes of the people in the audience the same intentions, the same desire to help and the same values that move us to act to improve the lives of these children."

Every child is our child.

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