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Our Story

The non-profit association 'Every Child Is My Child' took shape thanks to the spontaneous collaboration of artists, who, at Anna Foglietta's initiative and driven by indignation at the terrible tragedies involving children in Syria, agreed that mere condemnation and theoretical support were no longer sufficient; direct commitment was needed.

Commitment to a Future Without Suffering: Every Child is Ours Child




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Commitment to a Future without Suffering: Every Child is Our Child

Our Mission

The brutality of war affects childhood relentlesslyinflicting direct and indirect damage on children's lives and development, often irreparably compromising their future. However, it is not only armed conflicts that generate such consequences. Poverty, separation, abuse, violence, exploitation, persecution, disability: these are not just words, but sad realities that afflict many children. These problems persist in a world that claims to be modern and civilised.

We have chosen to dedicate time, talent and our media clout to this cause. We conceive and promote activities, initiatives and events aimed at financing projects for children. Our aim is to do something concrete for those children forced to live in situations of deep hardship due to wars, disasters, poverty, marginalisation and disease. In Every Child Is My Childwe welcome all people who share the idea that every child deserves the same attention and opportunities, regardless of nationality or social status. Every child is our child, especially where the risk of suffering from irresponsible adults is highest.


Donating is an act of generosity that stems from a desire to make a difference. In every gift lies the potential to transform lives and build a better future. Through the act of giving, we help weave a network of solidarity that embraces those in need.
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