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How we were born

Spring 2017.

The Syrian conflict shows no sign of stopping, and after years it seems as if international public opinion has become accustomed to its existence. At the beginning of April, the complaint by Save the Children of the use of chemical weapons, after children and their families were admitted to one of their clinics with symptoms suggestive of the use of nerve agents.

It is news that goes straight to the heart and stirs the souls of many. Children are innocent victims. Children have a right to a future. Children have the right to dream.

It is news that turns emotions into action. 

United by the same emotions and the same will not to accept inertia in the face of such brutality, a chat of artists, exponents of the world of cinema, culture and music (more than 200!) was activated within a short space of time. A spontaneous and authentic movement. The aim is to help save the children and guarantee them the right to a future. A few days later, all these artists simultaneously post a photo with a sign reading 'Enough!' together with the hashtag everychildismychild. Every child is my child. 

They come into contact with Lorenzo Locati who introduces them Insieme Si Può Fare Onlusalready active in the area. 

One morning, at Roma Termini, a couple of artists meet a tall man with big hands holding a small plastic folder. He is Lorenzo, and in the folder is everything he needs to tell them about the Plaster School, a project whose mission EveryChildisMyChild immediately espouses.

Plaster. Plasters are placed over wounds to help them heal and to protect them. Plasters join two flaps. And indeed, the Plaster School is located in Reyhanli, near the Syrian border in Turkey, and welcomes Syrian children fleeing the war, helping them with its activities to soothe their wounds.

And so, you get on a plane and go on a tour. An emotional one-way trip. That is the project to support. And indeed EveryChildisMyChild is committed to funding the school. It is committed to finding the funds to make it happen, because that April morning it was clear to everyone that something had to be done and that "Enough!" gives and will give the strength to raise the necessary funds. As of today, February 2024, there are 500 children who have passed through the school, where they spend eight hours a day, receive food and carry out side activities (such as...). The school welcomes them, supports them, provides them with the tools to integrate and train themselves.

Every child is my child. All children, everywhere in the world, have the right to a smile and the opportunities of life.

In Latina, on the outskirts of Rome, EveryChildIsMyChild then supports the FairPlay School. An education project through sport, which makes inclusion and sport for all its mission and aims to spread respect and fairness as universal values useful for laying the foundations for the well-being of each citizen.

EveryChildIsMyChild supports existing projects and helps them to evolve. Projects that aim to support the education of children. Donating to EveryChildIsMyChild means contributing to the formation of children's identity while respecting diversity. Because every child is unique, and every child is a child of mine.

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