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After the tragic events in Syria it starts, spontaneously and immediately,
the viral campaign that brings the project to life

Syria: In early April 2017, a new toxic gas raid causes the death of many
children. An event that is even more unacceptable because it involves little innocents. The reaction of stars,
stars of Italian show business, music, football and cinema @ immediate.

Awareness-raising campaign against the war in Syria starts spontaneously
Everychildismychild (Every child @ my child) reaching 250 over
personalities (see attached list) who posted videos or photos on their social profiles with the hashtag
gone viral (#Everychildismychild) to say STOP! to war and the slaughter of innocents. Over
to the social awareness campaign, their work is focusing on specific initiatives
that will also involve the public.


The need to say no more to the involvement of children in war took the form of a project
editorial to raise funds that will be donated to Syria through the association
Plasetr School Syria. The Salani @ publishing house was chosen as a partner and immediately joined in with

Happier with a book & the motto and philosophy of Salani, which has always believed in the power of words
and stories and who has dedicated her books to the world of children and young people for many years.
The publishing house will work on the publication of a special Christmas book written by more than 30 of the artists
(including Luca Argentero, Claudio Bisio, Paolo Calabresi, Martina Colombari, Fedez, La Pina and Violante
Placido) who have joined #Everychild that will collect true and magical stories centred
on the theme of happiness and precious carefreeness in the early part of life. We believe that
a child should be a happy child. If every child is my child who does not
would like that phase of life to be the most carefree and bright period? Only with
Virradiation of happiness, with radiance, with play and fantasy one fights war.

The seeds sown in the first years of life are the ones that will germinate and determine destiny, the
character, uniqueness and the relationship with the world of every human being. They will therefore be stories to
childlike height that will take the authors back to those magical years of their lives. The book will be
illustrated in full colour and will be aimed at everyone, especially families, thus targeting children and
children, but also to their parents and grandparents.

Salani Press Office - Simona Scandellari - cell. 3357513146 - tel. 0234597632 -

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