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Plaster School Syria

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Education is a fundamental right, essential for all children.

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La Plaster School ( Cerotto School) , established thanks to the collaboration with the association INSIEME SI PUÒ FARE ONLUS, started its mission in July 2017 in Reyhanli, near the Syrian border in Turkey. The school, located in a house on the outskirts of Reyhanli, currently accommodates 80 children from Syrian refugee families, who, having escaped the war and rescued from the despair of the streets, need a basic education.

The mission of the Plaster School is to offer a basic training for children in difficult situations who have been excluded from Turkish schools. The ultimate goal is to provide them with the opportunity to continue with regular education. At the school, subjects such as Arabic, mathematics, English and Turkish are taught, as well as a range of fun and socialising activities. These activities, such as drawing, handicrafts and singing, provide moments of serenity and creativity for children who have experienced the violence of war.

The motto passed on to the children is "I go to school, I am an asset". Each week, the children bring home food and materials for family hygiene, and once a month they receive a 20 kg package of foodcrucial resources for the survival of their families. In situations of extreme poverty, this support guarantees possible continuity in their studies and offers them the opportunity, with future work, to improve their living conditions. The ultimate goal of the Plaster School is to give these children hope for a better future.



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