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Plaster School: Lighting the Future of Syrian Children in Turkey

A Light of Education and Hope in the Lives of Refugees

The Plaster School, the result of a valuable collaboration with the organisation INSIEME SI PUÒ FARE ONLUS, is doing extraordinary work in Reyhanli, Turkey. Founded in July 2017, this school has set itself the daunting task of offering a better future to 55 Syrian children, refugees from the war, who have been deprived of education and the normality of life.

Mission and Headquarters

The Plaster School, located in a cosy house on the outskirts of Reyhanli, is committed to providing a basic education to children in disadvantaged circumstances who are excluded from Turkish schools. The main mission is to offer them the opportunity to continue a regular education, opening the door to a bright future.

Curriculum and Activities

At the school, children learn core subjects such as Arabic, mathematics, English and Turkish. But it is not just about academic learning; the Plaster School also offers a range of fun and socialising activities, such as drawing, handicrafts and singing, to provide moments of serenity and creativity for those who have experienced the horrors of war.

Motto and Family Support

The motto conveyed to the children is powerful: "I go to school, I am a resource". Every week, the children bring home food and materials for family hygiene, providing them with much-needed stability. Monthly, they receive a 20 kg package of food, a vital support for the survival of their families.


The Plaster School, with its tireless commitment and selfless mission, is proving to be a flame of hope for Syrian children in Turkey. Illuminating the path of education, this school is helping to build a bright future for those who have only known the darkness of war.

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